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About Seattle

The city of Seattle is graced with one of the most beautiful settings imaginable for a city of more than 600,000 people. It sits on a strip of hilly land between Puget Sound on the west and Lake Washington on the east. Farther to the east, the Cascade Mountains and 14,410-foot snow-capped Mt. Rainier rise dramatically to form a natural backdrop to this vibrant city's activity.

The first white settlers arrived at Alki Point in 1851 and soon moved across Elliott Bay to the location now called Pioneer Square. Starting in 1853, Seattle's first industrial establishment was Henry Yesler's saw mill, which turned out lumber that was shipped down the Pacific coast to the gold-rush boomtown of San Francisco. Over the next 150 years, Seattle's economy cycled through many boom and bust periods. Boom periods came with the discovery of gold in Alaska in 1897 and the need for ships during World War I and II.

Today, Seattle has a more diversified and stable economy based on computer technology, aircraft engines, lumber, paper, and trade around the North Pacific Rim. In the past two decades, Seattle has earned a place in popular culture as the home of Starbuck's Coffee and the grunge music scene. The area is also the home of several manufacturers and retailers that specialize in outdoor recreational gear, fueled by the relatively unspoiled environment of the Cascades that draws hikers and climbers from around the world.

Visitors to Seattle looking for a familiar landmark often settle on the Space Needle. This iconic representation of the future dates back to the 1962 world's fair, the Century 21 Exposition, which also introduced the monorail. Today, the monorail still carries passengers from downtown Seattle to the fair grounds for dinner at the top of the Space Needle.