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Attractions in Seattle

The Seattle Center, located just northwest of downtown Seattle, offers plenty of attractions to entertain visitors. This stretch of property is home to the iconic Space Needle. Visitors can take an elevator to the top for one of the best views in Seattle. The Pacific Science Center is a great place for children to spend an afternoon exploring dinosaurs and galaxies. The Seattle Center also has many peaceful areas to relax.

Beach lovers will find no shortage of sandy shores in Seattle. Alki Beach comes complete with areas for volleyball games and evening conversations around a fire pit. Photographers will delight at the incredible view of the Seattle skyline from this popular beach. Paved trails wind around the beach, giving plenty of room for roller skaters and bikers. Alki Beach is also a popular place to scuba dive or launch a boat.

The Seattle Aquarium is home to a diverse population of stunning sea creatures. This aquarium focuses on animals found locally in the nearby Puget Sound. Visitors can step right up to a tank to marvel at a giant Pacific octopus. These incredible creatures are fascinating to watch as they move around their tank. Young visitors will enjoy directly touching corals in the aquarium's wet table. The aquarium's underwater dome allows visitors a special look in the undersea world of the Puget Sound. This giant tank hosts hundreds of local fish, including sharks.

The Ballard Locks connects the Puget Sound with Lake Washington, providing the only way for boats to move from one body of water to the other. The locks also ensure that saltwater from the Puget Sound does not mix with the freshwater lake. Visitors can watch as the water level within the locks is raised or lowered to allow boats to travel between the two bodies of water. Another popular feature of the Ballard Locks is the integrated fish ladder. Visitors can view salmon and other fish through a window as the fish migrate to their breeding grounds.

Green Lake Park is a large urban park with plenty of outdoor activities. Most people wander around the lake on the 2.8 mile paved loop. This trail is wide enough to accommodate a massive number of bikers, joggers and roller skaters. The lake is not just a pretty background as visitors are encouraged to swim or boat on the lake. Green Lake also supports an abundance of wildlife, including ducks and fish.